We have plenty of flavours to choose from ( over 60 now and still climbing ). Each day we serve between 6 to  9 vartieties, however some flavours are on every day. Let me explain….each day Red Velvet, Vanilla Oreo and Chocolate are available due to popularity and also on each day are Fruit Kickers (the pink one) this can be Raspberry, or Strawberry and also we always have a Lemon Variety which varies between Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue or Lemon and White Choc . Then we have a couple or so specials which vary each day .  Daily flavours are posted on our facebook page which also shows up here on our site so bookmark us to stay up to date. If you would like a flavour thats not on that day you can still have it but there is a min order of 12.